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بريڪنگ انٽرنيشنل نيوز ڪاروبار سفر هوائي بريڪنگ نيوز هٿيارن جي انڊسٽري نيوز ماڻهو سياحت سفر جي منزلون تازه ڪاري آمريڪا جي بريڪنگ نيوز

بينچ مارڪ جپان جي توربي بي رهائش واري هوٽل لاءِ آرام واري سيلز جي نئين ڊائريڪٽر جو نالو ڏئي ٿو

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Benchmark, a global hospitality company, has named Barrett De Santos director of leisure sales for the landmark Turtle Bay Resort, a Benchmark Resorts & Hotels property located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Danna Holck, vice president and general manager, made the announcement.

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome Barrett to Benchmark at Turtle Bay Resort,” said Ms. Holck. “He comes to us with intimate knowledge of Hawaiian culture and of the resort industry within our destination. He is a terrific addition to our team.”

Barrett De Santos brings 35 years of sales experience within the Hawaiian hospitality industry to his new position at Turtle Bay Resort. Previously he served as area director of domestic and international sales for Highgate Hotels Hawaii, a role in which he experienced significant success in contributing to revenue growth for the company. Prior to this, De Santos held the position of senior director of leisure sales for Castle Resorts & Hotels.

Mr. De Santos is a graduate of Leeward Community College and Travel Academy. He resides in Honolulu.

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